Cameron Highlands is located midst Malaysia’s Titiwangsa Range, high above the Sweltering plains of Peninsular Malaysia. The cool, crisp and lush green vegetation of this place make it a popular tourist destination of the country. You can explore the natural surroundings, visit beautiful landscape here. Cameron spreads over an area of 71,000 hactors, and has a lot to offer. Here are top 5 things you should do when you’re in the place:

Boh Tea Plantation

Your trip to Cameron Highlands will not be completed without a visit to the Boh Team Plantation. Established in 1929, this tea company covers three tree plantations namely, Fairlie Tea Garden, Habu Tea Garden and the Sungai Palas Tea Garden. You will definitely enjoy the breathtaking view while walking across the plantation through narrow hillside roads. In the Sungai Palas Tea Cetre, visitors get a chance to learn about tea processing, with a nice pit shop where you could enjoy a variety of teas and cakes.

Boh Tea Plantation

Jungle Walks

This a wonderful place for nature lovers who really enjoy walk on the hilly terrain and tracks. Jungle walks is one of the key attractions of Cameron Highlands, offering walks of varying difficulties, or you could find places offer you a casual stroll. These tracks will take you into the jungle and offer you view of misty mountains. You will find tracks marked 1 to 10 here based on their difficulties, from climbing Gunung Brinchang or crossing gunung Beremban.

The easiest track is number 5 where you can walk through the Malaysian agriculture research and development institution. It is highly advisable to take a local guide on walking tracks before starting walk alone.

Steamboat cuisine

Although steamboat cuisine does not belong to Cameron Highlands, the Chinese steamboat is one of the best cuisines to try on this island. There are dozens of restaurants that offers steamboat cuisine, loosely based on the fondue concept. You will get meant, vegetables and noodles to dip into a boiling pot filled with spicy Tom Yam soup.

Butterfly Farm

You will enjoy visiting butterfly farm as there are several species of colorful butterflies live. This garden is built on a hill slope, and known to be an older tourist attraction of Cameron Highlands. Major key attractions are beautiful butterflies, tortoise pen and a mini insectariums.

Butterfly Farm


Exquisite waterfalls are part of this mountainous region. There are many waterfalls in Cameron Highlands, one of which you will find while traveling from Tapah. This waterfall is known as Lata Iskandar waterfall, which is a famous picnic spot as well.

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