Best Shopping & Dining Experience in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur hosts truly incredible experience of nightlife, dining & shopping for in-numerous travelers coming from far off places. None will feel alone while vacationing in places like Kuala Lumpur. It provides the best hospitality option with wide range of hotels providing best-in-class services along with competitive prices. Top hotels such as The Majestic Hotel, Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur, Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur etc provides packaged deals with wide array of tours such as Kuala Lumpur city tour, Batu Caves tour, Cultural Night Tour in order for tourist to have an exciting stay in Kuala Lumpur.

Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

(Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur)

The dining experience at Kuala Lumpur is truly astonishing as it provides amazing tantalizing foods from all over the world. It hosts best-in-class restaurants which provide fine dining experience along with Mediterranean inspired restrobars & fabulous Thai cuisines. All these restaurants provide classic trendy options with variety of cuisines at reasonable price. Every traveler requires some inspiration in the morning to tour places of interest which paves way towards vibrant & charming Kuala Lumpur Cafes. These cafes are known for their superb tea & coffee along with vibrant atmosphere during brunch fare.

Kuala Lumpur Rooftop Restaurant & Relaxing Space

(Kuala Lumpur Rooftop Restaurant & Relaxing Space)

Though, party goers & night life travelers shouldn’t worry at all as by midnight Kuala Lumpur comes alive with friendly ambiance & exhilarating night life. It amazes everyone with great clubs offering diverse range of options for party goers till wee hours of morning. The Kuala Lumpur rooftop bars provide scenic view of Kuala Lumpur city skyline along with breathtaking views of sunset. The gorgeous Sky Bar is situated on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur with pool facility along with myriad range of cocktails. Moreover, Marini’s on 57 is one of the fine restaurant situated on the 57th floor of Petronas Tower 3 known for its top quality Italian cuisines along with great view of Kuala Lumpur skyscrapers.

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

(Kuala Lumpur Nightlife)

Shopping amazes everyone as Kuala Lumpur provides the most convenient option for buying exclusive range of products from international brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Charles & Keith, Dolce & Gabanna, MK and heaps more. Kuala Lumpur offers hosts of shopping malls, boutiques, adventures & theme parks and interesting night-out.

Genting Highlands has an extensive variety of tourist spots, which you can enjoy, with your family or companions. You will discover an adaptable blend of vacationer destinations here that will incorporate religious spot, ranch, recorded spots and others. When you are in Genting Highlands, verify you visit taking after traveler destinations:

Strawberry Farm: The Genting Highlands strawberry Leisure homestead is an extremely celebrated fascination in Gohtong Jaya, settled specifically at town inverse the Mawar and Bunga Raya Apartments. You can without much of a stretch achieve the ranch by taking left from the indirect past Hotel Seri Malaysia, and taking after the street the distance to its end. Strawberries are not by any means the only developments – mushrooms, herbs, blossoms and hydroponic vegetables are likewise developed here monetarily in abutting nurseries. Other than the ranch’s commercial center, guests can likewise buy strawberries by culling them straightforwardly and paying by weight from 100gm onwards.

Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Chin Swee Cave Temple:

Chin Swee Cave Temple is a popular vacationer destination of Genting and religious site placed a couple of km before the crest of Genting Highlands on a sharp, rough incline. It is a hole sanctuary that has an extensive physical complex that stretches out a long ways past the sacrificial stone chamber, established in conventional Chinese structural engineering communicated by resplendent request to God lobbies, bright statues, lavish passages and its notorious pagoda tower. The author of Genting (Lim Goh Tong) to adore Buddhist Chin Swee established the sanctuary.

Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Mashroom Farm:

he mushroom homestead suits a concealed spot behind Genting Resort on the crest, found just before the way out to Kuala Lumpur at the activity indirect. There has been little changes took puts in the presence of this ranch and business stays lively at this made vacation spot. While the homestead develops and offers mushrooms in shanty distribution centers, it additionally has an exceptionally well known sustenance court in the principle building, lodging a few restaurants in a seller slow down (kopitiam) setting. On the homestead grounds close to the passage, you can see a turtle lake, wellspring and bright statues delineating legendary animals from Chinese and Western legends.

 Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Happy Bee Farm:

Happy Bee Farm is spotted along the primary street a short separation before Gohtong Jaya town. Here you can take a gander at neighborhood nectar creation and even specimen some of this sweet joy. You have to purchase a passageway ticket that incorporates a guided visit over the premises, including nectar tasting, seeing an exhibition of live and mounted creepy crawlies, and complimentary nectar based beverage at the bistro. A boutique shop retails neighborhood painstaking work, keepsakes and picture outlines with mounted bugs, additionally live insects that guests can buy as pets. Then, the connecting area shows different nectar items including emollient, cleanser and desserts available to be purchased.

 Genting Highlands, Malaysia

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Kluang is a small town and district located near the middle of the state of Johor in the southern portion of Peninsular Malaysia. The won situated about 110 km north of Johor Bahru and has some famous tourist attractions. Following are top tourist attractions of Kluang that you must see:

Gunung Lambak

This is the most popular mountain in Kluang, and you can easily climb to the peak of the mountain in just 2 hour. There is a resort and playground at the foot of the mountain. It is situated just outside the town of Kluang in Johor. It is just 10 minutes out of Kluang town.

Gunung Lambak

Zenxin Organic Park

It is an organic agriculture park with vegetable and dragon fruit plantation along the way to Air Hitam. The park provides different types of recreation activities such as walking and bicycle tours, educational tours, a park café, a farm mart, a flower nursery, a meeting room, a function hall and a viewing platform. You will find here halal food and admission is absolutely free.

Zenxin Organic Park

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm

It is first and only certified organic rice farm in Malaysia, spreads over 260 acres. It has full organic status certification in December 2005 from Malaysian Agriculture Ministry and is irrigated by the unpolluted river water from 1,010 m Belumut mountain. You could join life enrichment programmers such as mountain trekking, mountain climbing, fringe jungle walk, cycling, bamboo rafting, and more.

Masjid Jamek Kluang

This is an old mosque, located at Jalan Sekolah, just alongside Sekolah Tinggi in Kluang. It is very popular among local Muslims for prayer, and it can accommodate up to 1,000 people at any one time.

Masjid Jamek Kluang

Sungai Young Waterfalls

Sungai young waterfall is situated on the way to Gunung Belumut. This is although not very famous, but could be a great place for picnic. The water is clean and unpolluted. If you want to spend some time in nature’s lap, don’t forget to spend some time here during your trip to Sungai Young waterfalls.

Sungai Young Waterfalls


Kluang hasa large number of high end malls that deal in products from across the world. The Kluang mall is a big mall , and offers different types of exported items such as electronic products, cotton garment, shoes, music and accessories.

Food in Kluang

You will find many road side stalls selling different types of food items. You can buy local, Indian or Chinese food on budget from these stalls. There are some nightclubs and bars also located in the area, so you could also have a few drinks.

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Cameron Highlands is located amidst Malaysia’s Titiwangsa Range, high above the Sweltering plains of Peninsular Malaysia. The cool, crisp and lush green vegetation of this place make it a popular tourist destination of the country. You can explore the natural surroundings, visit beautiful landscape here. Cameron spreads over an area of 71,000 hactors, and has a lot to offer. Here are top 5 things you should do when you’re in the place:

Boh Tea Plantation

Your trip to Cameron Highlands will not be completed without a visit to the Boh Team Plantation. Established in 1929, this tea company covers three tree plantations namely, Fairlie Tea Garden, Habu Tea Garden and the Sungai Palas Tea Garden. You will definitely enjoy the breathtaking view while walking across the plantation through narrow hillside roads. In the Sungai Palas Tea Cetre, visitors get a chance to learn about tea processing, with a nice pit shop where you could enjoy a variety of teas and cakes.

Boh Tea Plantation

Jungle Walks

This a wonderful place for nature lovers who really enjoy walk on the hilly terrain and tracks. Jungle walks is one of the key attractions of Cameron Highlands, offering walks of varying difficulties, or you could find places offer you a casual stroll. These tracks will take you into the jungle and offer you view of misty mountains. You will find tracks marked 1 to 10 here based on their difficulties, from climbing Gunung Brinchang or crossing gunung Beremban.

The easiest track is number 5 where you can walk through the Malaysian agriculture research and development institution. It is highly advisable to take a local guide on walking tracks before starting walk alone.

Steamboat cuisine

Although steamboat cuisine does not belong to Cameron Highlands, the Chinese steamboat is one of the best cuisines to try on this island. There are dozens of restaurants that offers steamboat cuisine, loosely based on the fondue concept. You will get meant, vegetables and noodles to dip into a boiling pot filled with spicy Tom Yam soup.

Butterfly Farm

You will enjoy visiting butterfly farm as there are several species of colorful butterflies live. This garden is built on a hill slope, and known to be an older tourist attraction of Cameron Highlands. Major key attractions are beautiful butterflies, tortoise pen and a mini insectariums.

Butterfly Farm


Exquisite waterfalls are part of this mountainous region. There are many waterfalls in Cameron Highlands, one of which you will find while traveling from Tapah. This waterfall is known as Lata Iskandar waterfall, which is a famous picnic spot as well.

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